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Manage different social profiles with a single software

Although opening an account on any social media is free, managing multiple accounts of a customer is a costly activity as it is highly time consuming. There are platforms, free or paid, that can help us aggregate multiple profiles and facilitate their management.
A single login for different accounts, from Facebook to Twitter, from Youtube to LinkedIn.

Some useful tools:


  • Hootsuite allows you to manage in a simplified way and through a single interface not only most of the social media but also tools such as Gmail and WordPress. Even on mobile.
  • Buffer is a paid tool (if you want to manage several accounts) which generally studies and recommends the best time to launch your posts, optimizing the result. Other features include post scheduling and analytics. It allows you to manage different accounts and different social media.
  • Sproutsocial provides not only a platform to manage your social accounts but also a series of interesting analysis tools for those who love and work with statistics which include for example analytics and a CRM tool for managing contacts. Also from Mobile.